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BSRecover – Boot Support for Operating Systems – BSOD Blue Screen Recovery is a real-time system recovery software tool that is able to analyze a BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death) crash stack trace, which can be caused by critical system or driver problems. BSRecover helps to detect, isolate and resolve problems.

Recovery of several common operating system versions is supported.Linux devices are detected automatically and the system is bootable in Safe Mode in most cases.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 – all versions are supported.BSRecover is also able to recover Linux, BSD, Solaris, Novell, and Z/OS crashes.Thus, the utility has become the most powerful and complete tool for BSOD recovery available for free (even without registration).

BSRecover Features:

– Analysis of a crashed system stack trace in real-time – Detects over 30 different error reasons, including most important drivers, freezes, hardware or system problems. – Recovery of recent kernel versions and Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with integrated kernel memory dump – Supports most common operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – Linux, BSD, Solaris, Novell and Z/OS – Very fast detection of Linux and Linux/BSD systems – Possible solution of the analysis of a crashed system stack trace in real-time

BSRecover home page (German):

How to use BSRecover?

The application must be installed to system directory.The installation directory must be added to the Windows Path environment variable.The application must be run with Administrator privileges.

1. BSRecover runs in Safe Mode and outputs the list of supported operating systems and detected problems.To see a detailed analysis of a system crash, press “Proceed to Full Mode”.

2. To perform the analysis, press the green button “Start analysis”.The operating system file on the system disk will be loaded, the crashed stack trace will be loaded, and BSRecover will analyze it.After the analysis is completed, the report is saved on the disk.3. In case of any problems with BSRecover, it will be written in the Windows logs.

4. In case of successful analysis, press the red button “Start the recovery operation”.Under the hood, the

BSRecover Crack + X64

Data Recovery & System Repair Software
BSRecover Product Key is aData recovery and system repairsoftware.
BSRecover Crack will detect errors on your hard drive and can recover partitions, MFT, volumes and data.
BSRecover Crack Mac also can repair your system, if it is an installed system and either crashes or gets freezes. By testing and repairing the system, BSRecover will help to make it much more stable and userfriendly.
Installation – Command Line
Download BSRecover Setup and Extract the archive file to desired location. Double click on BSRecoversetup.exe to run the setup process. It will take you to the BSRecover installation wizard. Select Repair your Computer at the bottom of the page and press Next. Leave all the default settings unchanged and press the Finish button.
Installation – GUI
The application will run without any problems. You will be asked to read about the usage of BSRecover and press OK. The application will then scan for error and will report the possible files. Continue and press Next to make the application scan your drives. Press Repair to continue with the diagnostics and repair process.
The application will now scan and repair files and errors. When the application finishes the scan it will display a list with all possible errors, their location and a chance of the data recovery. Press Next to select a file, press Repair to continue with the repair process.
Save your work with OK and restart your system with Next.
BSRecover Main features:
-Scan and repair file system errors
-Detect missing, deleted or damaged files
-Detect and replace damaged Bootloader
-Detect lost or deleted partition
-Repair your system and make it much more stable
-Support or repair system stored in all types of the hard disks
-Scan and repair volume errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Scan and repair data errors
-Repair all lost and missing data from any location in the hard drive
-Scan and repair hard disk errors
-Detect and repair MBR boot errors
-Detect and repair BCD errors
-Scan and repair Windows registry errors
-Fix memory corruption
-Scan and repair partition table errors
-Repair FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Scan and repair MFT errors
-Detect and repair MFT errors
-Detect and repair MFT

BSRecover Full Version

BSRecover helps to recover from a BSOD dump. It finds the last fine-grained boot log and restores it.
· Repair Windows and reboot the system, if possible.
· Loads the last fine-grained boot log. It can be last system log, Windows log, Windows crash dump, or windows error report.
· Find and fix most common causes of blue screens.
· In case you are looking for a particular system dump file, use BSRecover search.
· Boot in Safe Mode.
· Can restore a system log.
· Can check if a system has to be repaired.
· Can open any dump file.
· Can search for a file.
· Can open a crash dump file.
· Can search for a dump file.
· Can fix problems with memory.
· Can reboot a system.
· Can restore a system.
· Can open an error report.
· Can check for errors in the system.
· Can search for errors in the system.
· Can fix problems with a drive.
· Can reboot a computer if the problem is in the registry.
· Can save all dumps which should be repaired.
· Can display the last system log.
· Can display a Windows crash dump.
· Can load a Windows crash dump.
· Can search for a Windows crash dump.
· Can open a Windows crash dump.
· Can open a Windows error report.
· Can search for a Windows error report.
· Can repair Windows if there are problems.
· Can reset Windows if there are problems.
· Can set an automatic repair process if there are problems.
· Can launch a Windows error report to automatically repair Windows.
· Can create an auto repair process to automatically repair Windows.
· Can directly load an automatic repair process.
· Can check for problems in the registry.
· Can repair the registry if there are problems.
· Can repair disk problems.
· Can scan disk problems.
· Can scan for missing drivers.
· Can repair missing drivers.
· Can load a driver.
· Can load a driver from the Windows installation disk.
· Can save system info in a file.
· Can open any dump file.
· Can recover a Windows system.
· Can restore a Windows system.
· Can open an error report.
· Can search for an error report.
· Can save all dump files which

What’s New in the BSRecover?

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System Requirements For BSRecover:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 (64-bit editions)
2 GB of RAM
4 GB of available disk space
DirectX 9 or newer
Additional Notes:
Minimum hardware requirements can vary from game to game. Generally speaking, each game will specify minimum and recommended specs for the Windows and video cards required to play it.
We’re working with Microsoft to ensure that the game delivers the best possible experience, but there may be features that are unavailable on unsupported configurations

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