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Frostbite is a very popular Kodi addon, which includes a built in torrent client. Although Frostbite is very feature rich, it does have some downsides that make it a less than perfect addon. I’ve decided to add a Frostbite Kodi addon review to my blog and my hope is that I can shed some light on some of the addon’s features and flaws.
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Useful Addons:
Dual Cleanup
Dual DNSCleanup
Kodi Remote
Frostbite This Kodi addon review is a bit more in depth than some of my others but it also highlights some of the less apparent functions of the addon.
In Part 1 I go into a bit more detail about the addon itself, its purpose and other key functions.
In this second part I’ll also be looking at what’s changed since the addon’s main developer stopped working on it and also taking a look at one of its most popular features.
As far as I know the addon developer hasn’t worked on it for some time and despite originally being nearly fully featured, it currently falls behind other addons for the most part.
Frostbite: What is it and what does it do?
Frostbite is a complete addon within its own right and it includes a built in torrent client. It does this by utilizing Kodi’s media library to store and manage torrents.
Frostbite is fairly feature rich and has a number of unique features. Besides having a built in torrent client, frostbite is also a screenshot add-on and a video player.
Frostbite: That’s a lot for an addon, how does it all work?
In order to keep it as simple as possible frostbite is based on a menu system. You have three menus that you can navigate with an interface that looks like this:
Frostbite: It’s pretty simple, what is it made from?

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