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Shelves are not the only place where you can find books. Using specialized computer applications, these can easily be kept track of. Complete Home Library promises to do just that, and puts a large pallet of tools at your disposal.
Slightly difficult to use
Nearly anything in the main window can be pressed. This gets rather confusing, because hovering the mouse cursor on most of the text lines will enclose them in a frame, making it look like a button, while some share this appearance by default.
Furthermore, they suffer from the lack of intuitive placement, making necessary functions hard to spot from until you get used to their location.
Most options open up in separate windows. When you are done editing, the only way to close them is by locating an exit button. You can also drag your mouse cursor to the little “X”, but it does no good because it is grayed out.
A lot of options to work with
The application gives you a breathtaking amount of details by which you can keep track of your books. The “Display Options” tab alone lets you view and edit the basic info as well as anything more you can think of. Opening up the detailed view only further enhances this possibility.
Amongst these, you will also come across an integrated player to set up playlists of audio books and play them from the comfort of your desktop. There is also a thumbnails graphics viewer which speaks for itself.
When creating or editing info, you must first gain permission, which is obtained by pressing a button. Remember to save your work though, because if the application accidentally closes, it is lost and you are not asked if you want to save.
In conclusion
All in all, Complete Home Library tries to offer a helping hand in better tracking your book collection, but it loses you in details. Available options are plentiful and not to mention useful. However, the poor design might have you turning to something else before exploring every inch of the application.


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Complete Home Library is a program that allows you to keep track of your books and set up playlists of your favorite audio books. No computer geek is required to set this software up. With a few clicks of the mouse and some typing, you can customize your computer to easily recognize your favorite books.
If you have made up your mind to purchase, you can download it from

Adobe Illustrator Type Tool: When second box is dragged, the first box doesn’t go to its final location

I am trying to create this effect in Illustrator CC 2017:

It has two lines, one in front and one in back.
In the animation I start with the first box over the second box, moving them to the desired location. I then release them both at once. The result has the first box on top of the second.
My issue is, every time I do this, when I release the second box, the first box doesn’t go to its desired location. It stays in the same place as it was before moving to the top location.
I have tried moving the pin on the first box, then shift-clicking on the second box, and then selecting the move tool. I have created a point in the first box, then made the line end at that point. It doesn’t work.
I have also tried creating a bezier spline from the top of the first box to the top of the second box, and creating a second spline that connects to the middle of the original line. That doesn’t work either.
I am guessing this may be an AI bug, but I have not been able to find anything on it on the web.
Anyone know how to fix this?


This is a known bug in Illustrator, but one that has not been resolved with a lot of patience or request. There are workarounds.
You can create a second line object that is slightly smaller. On your second line, place an image of the object, masking the line that you don’t want. Make the line behind the object so that it is concealed and the rest of your shape is transparent.
If you can create the shape that you need with simple shapes, then you are a lucky man! A spline is a little more complicated.


Complete Home Library Crack

Complete Home Library is an easy way to keep track of your books.
A book in this application is simply the name of a file on your computer. You can read it, make your own list, or add your own information to it. These files can be stored in the default library application, or anything else that you want.
The basic items in this application are:
– a list, where you can add books
– a database view, where you can add information to the books, such as their authors, titles, authors or series
– a book player that allows you to play audio books
– a graphical viewer that allows you to view and edit your books
– a text viewer that allows you to view information about books on the computer screen
– a database viewer that lets you import or export a database
– an audio book player and a text viewer that allow you to view and edit audio books

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Jun 05, 2008


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Publisher’s Description:

File, Edit, View, add, export.
Computers are wonderful but a petabyte of data takes a lot of time to search and organize. How about keeping them organized on paper? File, Edit, View and more. You can add files to your index in.xml format.
You can view, edit, add and even search (with so many keywords, you name it).
Add files from the root directory, from other directories, from network shares, FTP, CD or the Internet.
The program opens the archive in the left panel, showing the files in the current directory, or the root directory. To view other files in the archive, click on the down arrow symbol. Click on the file. The program will open the file and let you search with Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT). The search can be done in any field of the archive, including the file name, any textual field of the file or the contents of a field.
Fields can be linked to the database view. This way you can easily sort any file. For example, you can create a field containing a date and sort the files that were added in that period or alphabetically.
Save your favorite files as.xml files for easy access, sharing or sorting. There are plugins to share the files with other people who also use the program. On the main menu, you can add an optional

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Complete Home Library is an easy-to-use application that enables you to store books and other media files from a collection on your computer. You can also keep track of your book collection for a free, online book sharing service called The program has a variety of useful features and controls, allowing you to edit any information in your book collection.
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What’s New in the?

The application is free to use. It also integrates with Facebook.
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Complete Home Library is a program made for the bookshelf management. The app can track your books and keeps their metadata. The application shows a list of books, arranged by color. You can add, delete, or edit any book. You can set up playlists to…

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Why this code generates “unexpected end of file”?

This is my code:
def construi(self): = su
su = su + 1

if len(su) > 2:
su += 1
print(“”, end=” “)
print(su, end=” “)

self.reset =
su = su – 1
print(, end=” “)
print(su, end=” “) = su
su = su – 1

for i in range(5):

But it generates this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Goran\

System Requirements For Complete Home Library:

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It is not necessary to have any of these platforms to play the digital edition on the desktop.
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