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Create your own school board with any color combination of the first 9 building blocks! Draw lines, circles, rectangles, or even combine building blocks to create more complicated shapes.
It’s as easy as adding and connecting 2 or more dots.
Or choose from 15 available backgrounds, from a high resolution graph paper to a beautiful flowered one!
It’s as easy as drawing a 3D shape.
Any text to fill your 3D shapes, a calculator to perform math operations, the virtual compass and triangle to measure angles or distances.
Use your imagination and create the school board of your dreams with GeoEnZo!
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Red Blu is a contemporary puzzle game based on matching shapes. You have to choose the best move to complete the largest puzzle. Each part of the puzzle is colored. You can only move tiles to adjacent positions of the same color. Get the most points to get the highest score. Pick up and mix the colors of the tiles you hold to get many different puzzle configurations.
Four Game modes and three difficulty settings will keep you coming back for more. Collect more points by combining tiles to create longer and more complex puzzles. Complete puzzles without rushing, because your time is limited.
To help you succeed at Red Blu, we’ve added a score table and a puzzle record feature which allows you to see how you’ve progressed in the last game.
Most of the content is provided by the community with user ratings and comments. The game is optimized for tablets and smartphones. Try it out for free and get your first 1000 points for free!
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An easy to use drawing and illustration app that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It works well with various outputs such as e-mail, Evernote, etc.
The possibilities are huge. It lets you make various shapes such as a square, a circle, a triangle, an irregular polygon etc. The tools can be used to create a picture and make various designs. You can also make an image using the available templates. In addition, you can combine and use the tools to create various designs. [click to show full description]

There are many tools and features to be found in this app. Creating a design is fun and you can use the drawing tools easily, use effects, incorporate your own pattern, combine patterns, rotate patterns and use simple tools. You can save your pattern to the device and use the tool

GeoEnZo [2022]

GeoEnZo is an interactive educational application whose purpose is to help students use a virtual school board for drawing different geometrical shapes, measuring angles, as well as performing math calculations.

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GeoEnZo Crack+ License Key [Updated] 2022

This is an interactive educational application whose purpose is to help students use a virtual school board for drawing different geometrical shapes, measuring angles, as well as performing math calculations.

The advantages of being portable
This is a portable program, so it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.
You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you to need to work with a virtual school board on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.
Intuitive interface
You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup where most of the operations can be carried out with minimal effort. By default, the utility runs in a full screen mode, so you can focus solely on the drawing or measuring process.
A great feature included in this tool enables you to automatically hide the editing tools when you start the drawing process. Plus, you can easily make the app reveal the parameters by simply hovering the mouse cursor towards one of your screen edges.
Editing tools
GeoEnZo gives you the possibility to draw freehand designs with the aid of a pencil and customize its size, color, and type (rastered or normal). You may also insert circles, rectangles, lines, or generate designs by connecting several dots.
What’s more, you can make use of a compass for designing circles and activate the virtual triangle for measuring angles or distances. Additionally, you may move and rotate the compass and triangle to any area of the screen.
There are also several editing parameters designed specifically for helping you generate 3D figures using the built-in shapes, such as triangles, ovals, cones, or other complex geometrical figures. You can rotate the objects to different angles, adjust their size, and fill them with different colors.
Additional features
GeoEnZo enables you to perform math calculations, embed text messages with the aid of a virtual keyboard, generate graphs, clear the entire workspace with just one click, select the background from several preset options (hexagonal, music, graph, or squared paper), erase the desired parts, print the generated design or copy it to the clipboard, as well as perform basic editing operations, such as cut, copy, and paste.
Bottom line
All in all, GeoEnZo proves to be a handy piece of software that comes bundled with a decent suite of features for helping you use a virtual school board and several useful instruments.

What’s New in the GeoEnZo?

GeoEnZo is an interactive educational application whose purpose is to help students use a virtual school board for drawing different geometrical shapes, measuring angles, as well as performing math calculations.

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System Requirements For GeoEnZo:

Windows® 7/8/10, 8GB minimum RAM, 1GHz, DirectX® 11
Mac OS X® 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher, 2GB minimum RAM
Minimum storage of 4GB free space
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