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File types

Blank layers allow the user to add or subtract layers, without having to fully understand all the layers beneath them.

Paint Bucket

Paint Bucket is an effective tool for creating new layers or mixing colors across multiple layers.

Layer Styles

Layer Styles allows you to apply a style to a layer. To apply Layer Styles, first select a Brush, Stylus, Gradient, Gradient Stop, Pattern, Gradient Mesh, or Pattern Tint. Then, choose a Layer Style. You can then edit the color and intensity of the Layer Style’s settings.


Rulers help you design flexible, proportioned layouts. Click and drag to snap edges to the pixel grid. This allows you to rearrange the shapes of any view into a more natural position.

Smart Guides

Smart Guides, which are visible by default, assist you in aligning and positioning text, shapes, and other items. Smart Guides are also useful when you want to see an image with accurate alignment without having to align individual objects or groups of objects.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has become popular for its high-quality edit features. It has especially become popular for photographers wishing to process their own images without relying on a more complicated workflow.

No matter which one you choose, you can benefit from the following Photoshop features.

Feature recommendations

The following features are recommended for beginners because they provide the basic set of features to edit basic images.

Layered Photoshop is an extension of Photoshop. It has some features of Photoshop but is designed for digital illustrators and designers who often work in a non-Photoshop workflow.


Video: Layered Photoshop, in action

Continuous Service

Adobe Photoshop once released an update within a 10–20 year cycle, but has now switched to a 2–5 year cycle. The updates after around the year 2000 are called “Service Pack” updates. The updates since then are called “updates”, and the update scheduled for January 2017 is called “Photoshop CC 2017.1”. The Photoshop update frequently includes new software changes and ideas (such as the redesign of the erase tool in Photoshop CC 2017.1).

Precious Time

A few years ago, with the release of version CS5, Photoshop had added some new features in an attempt to speed up the editing process and make it

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import { storiesOf } from ‘@storybook/react’;
import { withI18next } from’react-i18next’;
import { Button } from ‘@atlassian/design-system’;
import { storySettings, storySettingsBase } from ‘../../__tests__/storySettings’;

storiesOf(‘Button’, module)
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.add(‘without classes’, () => (
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.add(‘without content’, () => (

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.add(‘with disabled input’, () => (

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.add(‘with checked input’, () => (

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We don’t allow deletion of a question or an answer that has already been accepted. I suggest you flag the question as VLQ or NAA and explain what’s going on.
Also, you are not the site owner. If a post is a problem, flag it for moderator attention.

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