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* **Transferring files**. Photoshop includes the ability to convert files between bitmap and vector formats. It can also reorient images and change the size of selected objects.
* **Creating borders**. Photoshop’s `bordercrop` command creates what are called _borders_. Usually, this feature is used to create a border around an image or portion of an image. `bordercrop` also creates a _mask_ that identifies the shape to which the border should be applied.

Here’s an example:

1. **Select the large, blue shape (shown in Figure 6-8″)**.
2. **Type b or c to create a border along the edge of the image (Ctrl+L)**.

You can apply the border to multiple objects by using the `b` or `c` command multiple times.

Figure 6-8. When you create a border around an image, you can create a mask that places the border around only part of the image. This mask is created by the `bordercrop` command, which is available on the Edit menu. (You can also create a mask from the Edit menu’s Select menu.)

3. **Click inside the rectangle, press Del, and then press the Enter (Return) key**.
4. **With the Select tool, click the small, gray square that appears around the face**.
5. **Click the Mask icon next to the Layers icon to make the border appear around only the face**.

Each time you create a new layer in Photoshop, it’s just a regular layer. To edit a layer, you need to activate it, and to do that, select it with the Selection tool or some other tool. In the following exercise, you’ll see how you can edit a shape on one layer while applying the effect to another layer.

You also can use `bordercrop` to create a new shape in the middle of an existing shape. (You can make a shape by using the Rectangle tool to create a square shape.) Here’s how to create a shape between two existing shapes:

1. **Choose the Rectangle tool from the Tools panel and then draw a shape**.
2. **With the Select tool, click to select the vertical line**.
3. **With the Ellipse tool, click

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Table of Contents

Why Photoshop?

It is the most-used professional graphics software package for all kinds of designing, graphic designing, and editing. There are two versions: Light and Dark. Light is good for beginners and Dark is for advanced users.

It is almost similar in all the versions. But still, Photoshop has a bigger and better version. It provides a wide variety of professional editing tools.

It has a unique feature of a hotspot called Annotate. And we all know that the best way to learn is to know the process of doing a work. Here is an example of how an image is turned into a masterpiece.

A beginner editing a photo, when he makes a mistake, he gets rid of it. An advanced user changes a sentence, a landmark, and add a feature which is missing. These are the main differences between the two versions.

What is Photoshop’s best feature?

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best image editing software. It is the base of almost all image editing tools. And even in the current market, it has almost similar capabilities.

When I say this, these are the things which help Adobe Photoshop to be one of the best image editing software:

It is easy to use, smart, and very simple to use.

It has a complete collection of tools.

It has a very huge collection of preset filters.

It is so easy to learn, any beginner can easily operate it.

All the filters are editable.

There are lots of ways to edit an image.

Fast, even faster and very accurate.

Easy to share and collaboration.

100% natural and fast.

It is a multi-functional software.

It is a lightweight editor.

All the editing tools can be used in a single image. You can work on the same image at multiple stages.

It can be operated anywhere.

It is one of the most used graphic software in 2020. It has not only businesses but also professionals, photo editors, designers and hobbyists.

How to operate Photoshop?

If you are the new user, you should try to learn how to operate Adobe Photoshop.

(1) Open Photoshop.

(2) Select the document.

(3) Open preferences from tools and select a workspace.

(4) There are preset configurations available for

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Now’s the time to start having fun with Learning Maths!

I’ve noticed that there has been a definite shift in school marketing of Maths: for some time now a very large percentage of Maths teachers have felt ashamed of it, and have had little confidence in the subject. I think I can understand why this is, but I believe it’s a shame, because Maths is one of our most important subjects.

I felt this way myself for quite a while, but I met someone just a couple of years ago who made me realise how wrong I’d been. She’s a wonderful teacher, and always tries to make maths enjoyable for her students. She’s one of the first people I’d want to go to in any situation, because she shows how much she genuinely loves maths.

I thought that maybe someone else felt like me: if there were more teachers like her, Maths would be much more fun, and children much more likely to love it.

I was wrong.

Yesterday I spoke to Tony the Maths teacher who works with my son’s school. His classroom is full of wonderful, bright children who love maths and have been studying it for years. For most of them, maths is truly the most exciting, enjoyable subject they’ve ever come across.

That couldn’t be further from what I’ve been feeling for years.

Tony is funny, clever and warm, and he’s seen a few kids come and go through the school. He told me that before he became a teacher, he was really bad at Maths: he didn’t like it, he didn’t get it and he didn’t see the point. But while he was studying for his teacher’s diploma, he became fascinated by it, and now considers himself an absolute expert. He loves Maths, and has improved so much that he now gets good marks on nationally-standardised tests.

His entire class have become the same. As their love for Maths grows, so does their confidence.

Yes, there are a lot of people who can’t stomach Maths, but those people are usually highly gifted. I’m no mathematician and I don’t even understand how numbers work: I just know that there are lots of people who are much better at Maths than me. That doesn

What’s New in the?


How to detect the version of installed WordPress plugin?

Is it possible to get the version of a installed plugin in a WordPress page, and how?
Thank you very much.


In your plugin there’s a files called data.php.
Open it up in a text editor like Notepad++ and you’ll see what you want.
It’ll be in this format:
$plugin_info = get_plugin_data( $plugin_file );
if ( $plugin_info &&! empty( $plugin_info[‘Version’] ) )
printf( ‘%s v%s – %s’, $plugin_info[‘Name’], $plugin_info[‘Version’], $plugin_info[‘Version’] );
printf( ‘%s v%s’, $plugin_info[‘Name’], $plugin_info[‘Version’] );


If you visit Plugins → Add New, and click on [Up To Date] beside your plugin in the search box, it’ll tell you the version in use.
Alternatively, you can use the wp_plugin_update_last_changed() function to fetch the last change date/time.


Okay, first you will have to parse the data.php of the plugin you’re interested in. You can do that with the following function:
function get_plugin_info($file) {

// read the data.php file of the plugin
$handle = fopen( $file, ‘r’ );

if ($handle) {

// read the first line of the file
$contents = fgets($handle);

// construct a name for the plugin based on the file name
$name = str_replace(“wp-content”, “”, $file);

// parse the file looking for the “Name:” line
$data = explode(‘Name:’, $contents);

// trim the split array
$name = trim($

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 RAM: 4GB
4GB Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent Graphics: DirectX 11-capable NVIDIA or AMD graphics card
Please remember that the minimum system requirements for a game may differ from the minimum system requirements of the lowest-rated game included in that game’s bundle.
For more information on Windows 10 system

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