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Although we had a constructive and very engaging discussion, there were two major misunderstandings regarding cPanel that I will attempt to clarify.

Also, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to log off and restart the server after a cPanel update.

From the cPanel help.txt located at it says:

Restart The server’s Web, DNS, and MySQL servers should be restarted after successful installation and update operations, as it affects the startup and maintenance of the Web server, DNS server, and MySQL server.

This is the ONLY reason that I asked the person in charge of MySQL to restart the server.

The only other possible explanation is that the person updating cPanel to cPanel+Beta1 was, indeed, starting up a new instance of cPanel.

Those are the only two possibilities.


(1) Once again, it is the updates to the subdomains that are causing the crashing to MySQL. There is no problem with the MySQL itself.

(2) The only way to fix this problem is to update cPanel to cPanel+Beta1 using the instructions found at

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