Stanislav Molodykh

Molodykh Stanislav

The painting of Stanislav Molodykh combines purity, light to light – shadow to shadow, confidence to the nature, strength and generosity a master.

Stanislav Semyonovich Molodykh was born in Belgorod in 1942. 1964 -1970 – study at the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts, the studio of V.M. Oreshnikov.

1970 – 1973 – work at the Art studio of the Academician of Arts V.M. Oreshnikov. Stanislav Molodykh is a Corresponding Member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He lives and works in St.Petersburg. He is a participant of many exhibitions. His canvases can be found in private collections and museums Russia, France, USA, Italy, Finland and many other countries.

His best – loved masters are: Rublyov, Surikov, Repin,Rembrandt, Velaskes. He is fond of philosophy and the Russian history.