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Our privacy policy is short and simple. Any information you give us is private and will not be shared with any other entity or person, under any circumstances.

NB-Gallery.com doesn’t collect any information about the users in a secret way without their approval and does not give such information to the third parties for commercial use or other purposes.

Types of information collected at the website:

NB-Gallery.com collects only that information, which is given by the users voluntary.

NB-Gallery.com does not collect any demographic information concerning the users (such as the age, date of birth, sex, income level etc.), identifiable information (such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and so on) and information concerning their actions on this website.

NB-Gallery.com collects only contact information necessary for communicating with the users and providing feedback (name, e-mail address), and also information necessary for the delivery of order (name, address of delivery, telephone, e-mail). This information can be used to notify the users concerning the changes in the website (such as new additions, new services) which they can be interested in. 


The usage of cookies in this website is not connected with collecting of the information about the users in a secret way without their approval. Cookies are used in our website to maintain some services like recognizing repeat visitors and personalizing the content to match particular interests. They also reduce the necessity to submit the same information for several times in the order form.

Because cookies are stored on your hard drive, not at NB-Gallery.com website, you are always free to delete them from your computer.

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This website contains links to other sites. NB-Gallery.com is not responsible for the privacy policies at those websites and their actions. To find out how they protect the confidentiality of the user you should refer to their privacy policy statement. 

Data protection and security

We do NOT store credit card information. All transactions are done using 128 Bit SSL secure paypal.com servers. 

In case you have any questions concerning this privacy statement or actions of this website, you may contact the administration of NB-Gallery.com

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