Viktor Volkov

Viktor Volkov, whose landscapes of the forests and seascapes glow with summer sunlight, was bom in 1941. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and he is a member of the Painters Association of Ukraine.

Viktor Volkov’s art is a celebration of life, not of one particular time or place, but of all places and time. He allows his subjects to convey a unique emotion, each determining the material used: size, weight of paper, texture, paint and colored pencil. This work mirrors the artist’s life-long search for the ideal balance between emotion and the material.

Volkov has been exhibiting in Moscow and Leningrad since 1963. From 1977 Volkov’s work has been appearing in exhibitions all over the world.

The 90’s have seen a series of one- man exhibitions in the best museums and galleries of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Madrid.

Volkov’s works are contained in the collections of St. Petersburg Russian Museum, Moscow Picture Gallery, The State Ukrainian Museum, and in private collections in Russia, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Australia, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Poland.